Using CALL as the major element of study for a university English class in Japan

Scott Bingham, Eric Larson - The purpose of this study was to see if using CALL (Computer Assisted Language Learning)…

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Scott Petersen - Japanese universities often assign students who fail a course to separate, repeaters' classes.

E-pals to motivate students: How a fully integrated email exchange can help motivate low-level students

Marie-Nancy Bourques - This article describes how an email exchange (epal) can motivate low-level college students.

CALL for autonomy, competency and relatedness: Motivating language learning environments in Web 2.0

Antonie Alm - In the last 30 years, computer-assisted language learning has gone through significant changes, as illustrated in Warschauer's…

Introducing ICT to teachers of an institution-wide language programme: Principal considerations

Christine Leahy - This article sets out to introduce some principal pedagogical considerations which influenced the design and delivery of…