Psychometric Properties of Word Association Test with Regard to Adolescent EFL Learners

Hye Won Shin - This study reports on the psychometric evaluation of a second language vocabulary test.

Mastery Sentences: A Window into the Interplay between Word Knowledge Types

Andrew Gallacher - This study investigates students' productive knowledge of high-frequency vocabulary using a word knowledge framework.

Are Learners Aware of Effective Ways to Learn Second Language Vocabulary from Retrieval? Perceived Effects of Relative Spacing, Absolute Spacing, and Feedback Timing on Vocabulary Learning

Tatsuya Nakata - Although the effects of retrieval-based learning may be affected by factors such as relative spacing, absolute spacing,…

An Investigation of Different Text Levels on L2 Learners’ Vocabulary Learning Rates in an Extensive Reading Program

Anna C-S. Chang - This study investigated whether different text levels would affect L2 learners' vocabulary learning rates and further…

Second Language Vocabulary Assessment Studies: Validity Evidence and Future Directions

Rie Koizumi - In this study, I review four papers by Stoeckel and Bennett, Shin, McDonald and Asaba, and McLean,…

An Empirical Examination of the Effect of Guessing on Vocabulary Size Test Scores

Stuart McLean, Brandon Kramer, Jeffrey Stewart - The Vocabulary Size Test (VST) was created to provide a reliable estimate of…

“I Don’t Know” Use and Guessing on the Bilingual Japanese Vocabulary Size Test: A Preliminary Report

Kurtis McDonald, Mayumi Asaba - This preliminary report outlines an investigation into ''I don't know'' use and guessing on the…

A Test of the New General Service List

Tim Stoeckel, Phillip Bennett - This paper introduces the New General Service List Test (NGSLT), a diagnostic instrument designed to…

Measuring Knowledge of Words with Multiple Meanings

Yuko Hoshino - When reading or listening to English, we encounter many words, most of which are high-frequency, polysemous words.

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