The indirect effects of testing: Can poor performance in a vocabulary quiz lead to long-term L2 vocabulary retention?

Kohei Kanayama, Kiwamu Kasahara - This study is different from previous studies in that we used L1-L2 word pairs to…

Vocabulary Learning Strategies and Vocabulary Size: Insights from Educational Level and Learner Styles

Alaa Alahmadi, Christopher Shank, Anouschka Foltz - This study investigates the effect of different vocabulary learning strategies (VLS) as well…

An experimental investigation of HAM, a novel mnemonic technique for learning L2 homonyms and homophones

Charles M. Mueller - Over the past 40 years, extensive research has examined the effectiveness of mnemonics for vocabulary learning.…

Examining the Word Family through Word Lists

Dale Brown - The choice of lexical unit has important consequences for L2 vocabulary research, testing and instruction.

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