Introducing Mnemonics to Japanese Students as a Vocabulary Learning Strategy

Stephen Paton - Mnemonic strategies are not often utilised by Japanese students to learn and consolidate vocabulary, despite research showing…

A Procedure for Determining Japanese Loanword Status for English Words

David Allen - Japanese loanwords are mainly derived from English.

Examining Katakana Synform Errors Made by Japanese University Students

Raymond Stubbe, Kosuke Nakashima - Laufer (1988) introduced the concept of synform errors, where second language (L2) learners confuse a…

General Word Lists: Overview and Evaluation

Dana Therova - Vocabulary learning is unarguably one of the sub-goals in every language classroom.

An Overview and Synthesis of Research on English Loanwords in Japanese

David Allen - Loanwords in Japanese that share form and meaning with English words are referred to as Japanese-English cognates…

The Emergence of a First Paradigm in Vocabulary Research: The Bibliometrics of System

Paul Meara - This paper uses a bibliometric method to analyse the vocabulary research published in the journal System between…

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