Vocabulary learning using student-created class vocabulary lists

G. Clint Denison, Imogen Custance - In this article, we describe the pedagogical basis for class vocabulary lists (CVLs) and…

On Creating a Large-scale Corpus-based Academic Multi-word Unit Resource

James Rogers - This study outlines the steps taken to create an academic multi-word unit list derived from corpus data.

Exploring the Effectiveness of Deliberate Computer-Assisted Language Learning

Andrew Obermeier - This article presents a work-in-progress focused on developing an experiment to investigate the effectiveness of different types…

Vocabulary and Computer Technology: A Commentary on Four Studies for JALT Vocabulary SIG

Tatsuya Nakata - Four papers by Clint Denison and Imogen Custance, Louis Lafleur, James Rogers, and Andrew Obermeier will be…

Teaching Ideas for Improving Oral Performance through Formulaic Language Instruction

Chie Ogawa - This article suggests three teaching ideas to help L2 learners improve speaking performances through form-focused instruction using…

Assessing Low-level Cognitive Processes of Word Recognition

Michael Holsworth - A fundamental skill required for vocabulary development is word recognition ability.

The Challenges of Measuring Multi-Word Expression Use in Conversation

Haidee Thomson - This article introduces three important challenges and possible solutions when using spoken dialogue to measure the use…

Deliberate Vocabulary Learning from Word Cards

Darrell Wilkinson - While word cards are a widely supported method of deliberately studying foreign language vocabulary, there is a…

Vocabulary Learning and Assessment: A Commentary on Four Studies for JALT Vocabulary SIG

Irina Elgort - Four papers by Chie Ogawa, Haidee Thomson, Michael Holsworthm and Darrell Wilkinson were presented in the Vocabulary…

The Indirect Spaced Repetition concept

Louis Lafleur - The main goal of this research is to systemize, build, and test prototype software to demonstrate Indirect…

Letter from the Organizer

Jeffrey Stewart - Letter from the Organizer.

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