Assessing Low-level Cognitive Processes of Word Recognition

Michael Holsworth - A fundamental skill required for vocabulary development is word recognition ability.

Vocabulary Instruction and Learning: A Commentary on Four Studies

David Beglar - Four papers were presented by Jenifer Larson-Hall, Noriko Matsuda, Yu Kanazawa, and Phil Bennett.

Impact of talker variability on L2 word recognition among Japanese EFL learners

Noriko Matsuda - This article is a pilot study investigating auditory word priming in 40 Japanese learners of English using…

Second-Language Vocabulary Assessment Research: Issues and Challenges

Yo In'nami - The four papers on second-language vocabulary assessment reviewed below are exemplary works that merit close scrutiny.

Examining the Validity of the Lexical Access Time Test (LEXATT2)

Tatsuo Iso - This study aimed to investigate the validity of the Lexical Access Time Test (LEXATT2).