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Deciding where to publish your hard work is difficult given the wide range of options available in this modern world. This is why we believe that we can provide the best for you

Working with Authors as Partners

We don't believe that publishers should impose their own agenda on authors, and the wishes of authors should be reflected in the final product as much as possible.

Streamlined Production Process

Once your completed manuscript has been received, we will ensure a prompt production process, with copy editing and layout completed within 2-3 months.

Reasonable Sustainable Prices

Whether a regular publication or open access, we strive to keep all of our products at the most reasonable prices possible, while at the same time ensuring sustainability.

Making your Publication Visible Around the World

Our global network means that your publications can be read by more people, helping you to expand your international exposure. All of our journals are exclusively online and open access, and our global distribution offices make your book available anywhere in the world.

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Supporting Your Career Growth

Our team is always willing to work with new and experienced authors to produce exactly what they envisage. Talk to us to see what we can do for you,

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