Why trust Castledown with your precious book project?

Because we know that you deserve to have the support and peace of mind you need to publish your book. Our team is here to provide you with advice in the planning and writing stages of your manuscript, professional editorial assistance, and a clear marketing strategy to get your book into the market.

In an era when people have so many options to publish, including being an indie author who publishes their own work, we strongly believe that there is a solid role for publishers to not only guide authors to be the best that they can be, but also to establish prestige by publishing with a name that is known worldwide. Castledown’s books and journals are read in over 100 countries, and contributors come from all over the world.

Working as a partner with you

We’ve heard voices from authors that many publishers clearly put restrictions on what, when, and how their work is published. At Castledown, we work with authors as partners. We want to know what your goals are with your publication, and we want to lead you publish your book how you want to. It is you that has put in countless hours to produce your masterpiece, and we will be as enthusiastic as you in polishing it to the best it can be.

Peace of mind

We can help you to bring together your ideal book, be in academic, business, non-fiction, or fiction, and have it available to be read all over the world. We have a strict selection process because we want to make sure that only the best is published. Even if your idea is still in the early stages, our experienced team is delighted to work with you to help you put your thoughts together until it becomes a solid proposal or full manuscript. There are no costs to authors at any point, and our books are sold at a reasonable yet sustainable price to ensure that it is as accessible as possible while making sure that authors receive what they should for their hard work.

Talk to us!

If you have any book ideas or thoughts, please contact us at any time. We’d be more than happy to talk to you.

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