ESL students’ perceptions of using a social bookmarking tool for the development of reading in a second language

Oksana Vorobel, T. Voorhees, Deniz Gokcora - Building on research on the development of reading and use of technology for…

Exploring Japanese students’ e-learning habits

Shudong Wang, Jun Iwata - Since 2010, both universities in which the authors teach have integrated PC-based e-learning or mobile…

3D digital games, virtual worlds, and language learning in higher education: Continuing challenges in Japan

Robert Swier, Mark Peterson - One of the most significant recent developments in CALL concerns the use of 3D multiplayer…

Voicing the academy

Davina Allison - The development of an appropriate authorial voice is considered to be fundamental to successful academic writing in…

Theory of Mind development and narrative writing: A longitudinal study

Birgitta E. Svensson - The purpose of this paper is to study the development of Theory of Mind capacities in…

Incidental vocabulary learning through watching movies

Robert J. Ashcroft , Joseph Garner , Oliver Hadingham - It is thought that in order to comprehend general conversation…

Critical intercultural communication education: cultural analysis and pedagogical applications

Sofia A. Koutlaki, Zohreh R. Eslami - With continuous advances in communication, technology, and increased mobility, intercultural communication competence has…

Advancing intercultural learning in world language education: Recent developments in pre-service teacher education in the U.S.

Paula Garrett-Rucks - Intercultural understanding is increasingly prioritized in the teaching and learning of world languages.

(Re)imagining a course in language and intercultural communication for the 21st century

Adriana Raquel Díaz , Paul J. Moore - Over twenty-five years ago, leading scholars in the field of intercultural communication…

The indirect effects of testing: Can poor performance in a vocabulary quiz lead to long-term L2 vocabulary retention?

Kohei Kanayama, Kiwamu Kasahara - This study is different from previous studies in that we used L1-L2 word pairs to…

Vocabulary Learning Strategies and Vocabulary Size: Insights from Educational Level and Learner Styles

Alaa Alahmadi, Christopher Shank, Anouschka Foltz - This study investigates the effect of different vocabulary learning strategies (VLS) as well…

An experimental investigation of HAM, a novel mnemonic technique for learning L2 homonyms and homophones

Charles M. Mueller - Over the past 40 years, extensive research has examined the effectiveness of mnemonics for vocabulary learning.…

Examining the Word Family through Word Lists

Dale Brown - The choice of lexical unit has important consequences for L2 vocabulary research, testing and instruction.

The impact of spelling errors on trained raters’ scoring decisions

Ikkyu Choi , Yeonsuk Cho - Second language (L2) writing assessments seldom allow a spellchecker and often have a time…

An investigation of implicit vs. explicit oral corrective feedback on Chinese pupils’ use of past tense

Qin Xie , Chingyee Yeung - This experimental study investigated the relative effectiveness of two broad categories of oral corrective…

From a “Sesame Street” model TA to a university TA: Investigation of an international teaching assistant’s professional identity and second language socialization over time

Yi-ju Ariel Wu - Prior research on the professional development of International Teaching Assistants (ITAs) focuses mostly on ITAs' language…

Professional Academic Writing

Phuong Tran (2018) Professional Academic Writing is designed to provide learners of English with the tools they need to write…

I love Indonesia: EFL learners’ perceptions on web-facilitated language learning

Muzakki Bashori - The integration of computer in the service of FL (Foreign Language) learning is expected to be inevitable…

Factors influencing teachers’ intentions to integrate smartphones in language lessons

Saskia O'Neill, Karel Kreijns, Marjan Vermeulen - Research has shown that mobile technology could enhance the effectiveness of common language…

Language learning and activation in and beyond the classroom

Julie Choi, David Nunan - In contemporary educational contexts, technology, globalization, and mobility have brought about a blurring of the…

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