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Preying on the Elderly: The Art of Scamming the Elderly in Japan

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Daisuke Suzuki (2023)
Translated by Bernard Susser

Daisuke Suzuki presents a gripping true crime narrative that delves into the training and operations of young scammers in Japan, revealing their connections with organized crime. His account includes vivid portrayals of the scammers he personally interviewed, and highlights the societal tensions in Japan between the younger and older generations that contribute to this scam’s prevalence. The overall effect is nothing short of thrilling.



8 March, 2023


The world can be a cruel place, especially for the elderly who are often targeted by scams. In Japan, these scams have reached new heights with the “It’s me! It’s me!” family impersonation telephone scam that preys on vulnerable seniors. Investigative journalist Daisuke Suzuki has delved deep into this true crime phenomenon, exposing the organization and methods of the groups responsible for such heinous acts. Through his reportage style, Suzuki uncovers how these young scammers are trained and operate, revealing a dark underbelly in Japanese society.

But this is not just about scams; it’s ultimately about the tension between generations in Japan. The youth versus the elderly, and how this scam is just one manifestation of that tension. Suzuki’s detailed portraits of scammers he’s interviewed will chill you to the bone. It’s a story that needs to be told, a warning to all those who think they’re safe from such tricks. In Japan or elsewhere, true crime exists where there are those willing to exploit the vulnerable for their own gain.

1 review for Preying on the Elderly: The Art of Scamming the Elderly in Japan

  1. Rajani Thota

    Life is a cycle, right? the very young person turns to elder one fine day, if these scams are encouraged what is the message one is giving to next generation, Technology should help to grow and help elderly people ,instead, the youngsters are getting attracted to these scams where they are also attracted to easy money, the true life is to help elderly people not only in Japan but also every where in the world, this is my true opinion…..

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